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T-Ann Pierce, Confidence and Empowerment Served With No BS

"Victimhood is a hangover from childhood. You aren't a pawn in the game of life, so get out of your own way", says T-Ann Pierce, a Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner and Life Coach.

T-Ann Pierce, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner

T-Ann Pierce, Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner and Life Coach

T-Ann Pierce is unfiltered, genuine and a bad-ass. In addition to being a certified Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner and Life Coach, she is a wife, and a mother of four.

T-Ann is also an accomplished writer, sharing her expertise in her no BS authentic way, which has landed her features in the Huffington Post, Medium, and Your Tango, just to name a few.

The truth is, the world is not out to get you. You are just carrying around thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. Victimhood is a hangover from childhood. You aren't a pawn in the game of life, so get out of your own way.

In our interview, T-Ann shares some insight for women as well as the new project that she has recently launched with her daughter, Siobhan, to help empower young girls to be the next generation of bad-ass confident women.

What is the key to reinventing and pivoting yourself?

The band, 38 Special said it best:

'Just hold on loosely

But don't let go

If you cling too tightly

You're gonna lose control'

I've had so many wrenches thrown into my life, some tragic, some joyful. I've had to get creative, change courses, and walk away from previous selves and outdated dreams. I don't chase the same dreams I did when I was 25. I reinvent myself by learning from my mistakes, from accepting the hand I've been dealt, and being committed to living a life without regrets. Being flexible and failing forward is key!

What advice would you give to women who are feeling stuck or struggling to figure out the next chapter or even the next step?

Take action. Even the smallest action repeated over time will shift a life. Commit to action every single day, even if that action is simply getting out of bed and forcing a smile on your face for five minutes. Or maybe it is choosing to believe you aren't, in fact, stuck. There is always a choice to be made. Choose action.

How do you stay motivated and positive?

I'm inherently lazy. If I have a choice between two thoughts, I've trained myself to choose the more upbeat of the two. Being positive and choosing to take action saves me time and energy in the long run. Being negative and playing the victim card feels good in the moment, but it takes more energy to turn that kind of thinking around. It is just easier to create a habit of choosing in favor of your best self. I'm not a believer in Good Vibes Only ~ we need to process all the emotions ~ but intentionally choosing to be positive is healthiest.

Tell us about your new project. How and why did you came up with it?

My daughter, Siobhan, and I just launched The Confidence Triangle, a premier Confidence Training Program for Girls. After co-leading an international, virtual workshop for women in political leadership, we were stunned to discover how many of these high-achieving women suffered from a lack of confidence.

We developed a program where a girl could learn the skills of confidence independently, with her mother as her greatest ally. We created a science and soul-based program that is designed to go deeper than leadership. We equip girls with the tools and strategies they need to develop lasting confidence through our monthly confidence training.

But confidence can be taught, right? So why in the world aren't we teaching it to our girls?

We want to transform the paradigms of womanhood, helping girls become women with new levels of strength, resilience, and happiness!

- The Confidence Triangle

What has been your biggest challenge?

When life gets challenging, my business suffers. Historically, my business is the first thing to be set aside when life hits. I no longer allow my business to be set on the back burner. I am much more intentional now. I am protective of my business now. There isn't time to hit the pause button anymore. I am intentional and unapologetically focused on my business.

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration?

I scroll on social media, and I'm blown away and wildly inspired by people of every age who vulnerably put themselves out there. I see their spunk; I love their energy. Their good juju inspires me!

What brings you the most joy?

I think it is really unfair that once your kids become really useful and interesting, they move out! My greatest joy is spending time with my family. My adult kids make me laugh until I cry. I'm amazed at how much they teach me!

Is there a cause near and dear to your heart that you'd like to bring awareness to?

I am dedicated The Max Schewitz Foundation, a nonprofit, charitable foundation started by Max's family and friends after Max died from a sudden cardiac arrhythmia at age 20 in 2005. The Foundation supports the education, prevention, and research of sudden cardiac death in young people and provides free or nearly free EKGs to high school students.

We test and discover hidden heart conditions in seemingly healthy kids at every high school we go to. This Foundation found a heart abnormality in my own son. You can imagine my gratitude.

What advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

Life is shorter than you think. Stop doubting, forget the fear, and do the things your future self will thank you for.

Who are the 5 people- living or dead- you would invite for your dream dinner party?

Barack Obama

Earnest Hemmingway

George Harrison

Dolly Parton

Brene Brown

What is your motto?

This is f*cking amazing! ~ I have that written on my mirror in my office and on post-it notes hidden around my world. I like to remind myself just how amazing this life is.

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T-Ann Pierce, Co-Founder of The Confidence Triangle

Mother, daughter, T-Ann and Siobhan Pierce, The Confidence Triangle, a Confidence Training Program for Girls.