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Christina Vuleta is Enhancing Moods Through Personal Care

Christina Vuleta has spent her career transforming global brands, and now she, along with her ex-husband, has launched their own product, MIND∆LT. The world's first mood-enhancing deodorant.

Christina Vuleta, Co-Founder of Mindalt, Natural, Mood-Enhancing Deodorant

Christina Vuleta, Co-founder Mindalt

Prior to MIND∆LT, Christina had a long track record in transforming brands for global agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Kantar to creative boutiques and startups, to running a consulting firm, Break The Future, which positioned under-represented founders and startups for growth.

Christina has long been energized by being a champion for women and overcoming the barriers they face. Christina re-launched the Women's channel at Forbes as a business-first platform to move entrepreneurial and millennial-minded women forward. Earlier in her career, when she pivoted from advertising and brand consulting, she started 4020 Vision, a resource to share advice from 40-something women to 20-something women, and Venture Forward, a live mentoring forum to give rising entrepreneurs an advisory panel.

Christina founded MIND∆LT alongside her ex-husband, Geoff. The two realized the importance of caring for your body without products made from chemicals. MIND∆LT prides itself on being more than just another natural deodorant; it's self-care, and it is the world's first mood-enhancing deodorant. With the simple act of applying your deodorant, you can elevate your mood, thanks to the proven science of essential oils.

Check out the science behind Mindalt here.

If we can help people turn their worries and burn out into optimism and purpose... then, maybe, together, we can make the world a little better.

- Geoff & Christina

When asked about her career growth, Christina explained that she thinks of her career as being a tree.

You have the trunk and you’re building [from that]. [So] all the rings in the in the trunk, those, to me, are all the portfolios of skills that you are building. When you think about the branches, those are the different paths you can take. Sometimes you go out on a branch and you find [that] if you actually go down to another branch, you’re going to get onto a stronger branch line. Or that if you go too far out onto a branch, it isn’t very stable and it’s going to be hard to get back.

How and why did you decide to launch Mindalt?

My ex-husband was going through a challenging time. Having battled cancer he was pivoting his own career, and decided to build a startup and focused on "natural better for you" products and ritual. I saw how much this business idea had going for it, and experienced first hand how the product worked, so when he asked me to come on as a co-founder, I said yes!

There are many 'natural' deodorants on the market, what makes Mindalt different and better?

Well, first, we have a novel formula created by a world-class scientist who has been studying and experimenting with (aluminum alternative) natural deodorants, using essential oils with anti-microbial properties, for over 16 years. We are manufactured in the US to the highest levels of 100% natural and clean standards.

Our four blends leverage a high-volume mix of 22 specific essential oils scientifically proven to work with the nervous system to positively impact mood and wellbeing. Beyond providing a more effective way to naturally transform mood states, no other natural deodorant has more ingredients specifically formulated to fight the bacteria that cause body odor or to absorb sweat.

Mindalt is a natural deodorant formulated with essential oils that are proven to have positive effects on your mood state while stopping odor.

With your vast experience working with women, in particular your work with 4020 Vision, what business advice would you give to young women in their 20's?

To not box yourself in or think that you have to follow a certain path. Just because there’s one traditional path in an industry, doesn’t mean that you need to take it. The best thing you can do is figure out what your strengths are and where those strengths are valued.

What advice you would give to other women entrepreneurs?

Take care of yourself. You really can’t inspire others to see your vision and come along to bring it to life if you have no energy, are distracted, to the brink of burnout, or are ridden by anxiety. Carve out breaks that help you connect to what you love and not think about work – even if it’s just for a moment …that is mindfulness!

Be patient. If you take in the news and trades or just troll Instagram …it’s all about the startup wonders—the people that seem to get overnight success and love. But that is not the norm…give your business time to grow and to learn from what the market is telling you. Of course, there’s a point where you got to move on if it isn’t working. As a very smart entrepreneur and investor once told me once…follow your passion but if your passion can’t make a profit, find another passion!

Women – create strong networks. Fight against the 'there is a man for that transfer of power and $$ by being able to say, 'I’ve got a woman for that'.

Be true to yourself. Find the right investors not the investor that wants the bravado projections.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That is an act of bravery.

What advice do you have for women who are trying to establish themselves as leaders?

Some of the bigger challenges for me were around realizing that you need to be your own advocate. It’s not about doing a good job and thinking someone will recognize that. It’s about recognizing the value you add.

Who are the 5 people- living or dead- you would invite to your dream dinner party?

I’m cheating I have 6!

Mick Jagger

Ernest Hemingway

Victoria Woodhull

Elon Musk

Jacinda Arden

Serena Williams

What is your motto?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Cheesy as all get out -- but speaks to living in the present and moving forward and being grateful and possibilities…all things that move me!

Recently I have also been using (equally cheesy) – it is NOT the end of the world. “To do” panic has reached an all-time high with launching a startup during COVID and needing to be extremely lean (so wearing A LOT of hats). But sometimes you just have to realize. You can’t do it all and that one thing (or ten) that you miss today will still be there tomorrow and it likely will be okay in the grand scheme of things.

Check out Mindalt here.

Mindalt, Natural Mood-Enhancing Deodorant